Do your millions/billions make you happy?

History and observations tell us the answer isn't a resounding "Yes!".

Possibly a "Maybe", or a "Possibly", maybe ever a "Sure", however, judging by the broken marriages and often broken lives the press tells us about, we are not fooled.

"Money doesn't bring happiness!" so "they" say.

Doesn't it? We, at Frodo.global, beg to differ.

What is it we are trying to achieve? Our Ideas/plans will save the world, one problem at a time and we need your help.

Frodo.global is for the people by the people with the helping hand from those who can afford to make a difference. A REAL one: saving this planet from us for all living things, human, animal, flora and fona alike.

Frodo.global is about getting funds to resolve various social problems that we globally feel need addressing once and for all.

Social issues such as:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Work/Income
  • Politics
  • Homeleness
  • Addications
  • Childcare/Parenting
  • Relationships/Sex
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Social life/Networking
  • Heritage/Conservation
  • Transport/Communication
  • Popliation/Immigration
  • Social Services
  • Prison system
  • Orphanage/Fostering
  • Nature
  • Recycling
  • Old age
  • Polution
  • Truancy/Crime
  • Climate Change
  • Animal control
  • Mental Health
  • Health/Obesity
  • Equality/gender differences/issues
  • and many more

Please help us make this happen, this world needs all of us for its survival and betterment.

All donations will be anonymous, PLEASE click to donate and see the magic happen.

Once we have secured enough funds, the work will start.

Everything will be set via a website and our first job is to set up a site robust enough to cope with the project and recruit a financial adviser.

Once those are set up and in place, the real work will start and I can tell you about how it will work, just click on the contact button below or email me at : frodo.global@gmail.com.

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