Frodo being kissed by me

Frodo was my beloved Lakeland Terrier sadly gone too early.

One day I came back from work and found he had raided the kitchen bin and helped himself to a massive lump of cheddar, and after two days on a drip at the vets where his condition worsened, I had to take the horrific decision to put him to sleep. I couldn't even hold him for his last breath he was in so much pain.

Frodo was my child replacement in every aspect (I have no children) and his death left a massive hole in my life and heart, unable to get another dog due to working far from home.

One day I saw an advert in the local paper trying to rehome a homeless elderly dog called Molly.

It broke my heart to realise older dogs and disabled ones would be passed over at rescue shelters due to their conditions and it spurred me to want to create a rescue shelter specifically for those dogs, called "Frodo's Heaven".

How could I fund it? Frodo.global was born.

However, instead of helping homeless elderly and disabled dogs, I decided to go for Gold and try and make life for everyone and everything on earth more pleasurable: AWW (Abundance World Wide) was born.

AWW's primary missions will be:

Water for all - affordable running water for all

Shelter for all

Transport/communication for all.

I believe we can do it - do you?


Yours truly, Pascale

As well as wanting to make a real difference to the world, I have my little world to look after.

I earn a good living as a Senior Service Desk Analyst for a company called MITS (MundipharmaITServices), based in Cambridge on the Science park, which supports a multi national group of companies.

I am one of those lucky people who absolutely love their job.

I am also lucky because due to this job I love and rental income from letting out a room in my home, currently in Thetford, Norfolk - I am proud to say the birthplace of Thomas Paine - I can afford a life I love.

I don't want or need much, I appreciate good food at posh restaurants occasionally, like to travel solo off the beaten track, couldn't live without music (I take myself to the Ministry of Sound as often as my favourite DJs play there, being into Euphoric/Psychedelic trance mainly), I smoke pot to relax (never done any harder drugs apart from an E and a half once years ago, experience I have never wanted to repeat again - I don't need drugs to get skin orgasm), drinking Costa coffees and people watching is my favourite past time.

I am lucky I have always lived within my means, I am very proud to say.

I am also lucky I inadvertently made a bit of cash through buying a flat in Reading, Berkshire at the right time in the 90s - bought right at the end of the recession and sold a few years later when it had tripled in value (although I have lost about £30,000 of it trying to save, and failing, a marriage).

I consider myself financially independent as I can pay my bills - which include an interest only mortgage of £86,000 currently on a three bedroom terraced house - and no other debts. Everything else I own outright, this includes an old Ford Puma, nearly on its last leg, metallic green which I love.

I shop at Aldi and Lidl mainly for food and charity shops for clothes and jewellery. I also have a saving/emergency funds plan too (currently sitting at £5,000).

I started my working life in Reading where I moved to from France (French born and raised) at the tender age of 19 (because I loved the UK but also to escape a crap family environment).

First as au-pair to a family with two boys aged 8 and 10, then as a part time VDU Operator for a company called Target Express Parcels, for ever grateful the company gave me my first break, then I worked for a dodgy insurance broker (one of the owners ended up in jail for mortgage fraud), before moving into a proper job as a Legal Secretary for a large firm of solicitors called then Shoosmiths & Harrison, then a Venture Capitalist firm called 3i (Investors in Industry).

There I started to get interested in IT and IT Support and in 2001, I found a job as part Admin part IT support for a great and still very successful company called Metzger Recruitment based in Maidenhead. Just about the time I met the guy who was going to become my husband.

We got married on a beach in Zanzibar, a stone throw away from Richard Branson's private island in Tanzania (lucky lucky man that Richard). [ On a side note, the wedding may have been romantic, my husband and I should have just stayed friends and not married. ]

I have been in IT support ever since through various jobs, even supporting the networks of the school Ricky Gervais went to in Reading (Thamesbridge College, now a the Madjeski Academy), this, present job excluded, was my favourite job actually. I learned so much about myself, kids and education there.

I lived in Alberta, Canada for two years back in 2009 and there I was lucky to experience life as a Reporter/Photographer for the Drumherller Mail and I also started my own business as a residential cleaner, both jobs I enjoyed enormously.

I have never wanted to progress further in IT despite offers because I really enjoy working as a Service Desk Analyst. Technology changes all the time, bringing fresh challenges regularly and I love the Customer Service side of the job. I love the people contact however I would hate managing people (too much hassle). And there is nothing more satisfying than a thank you from a customer, especially when it is accompanied by a bag of sweets or a bar of chocolate 😉